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Save 30% on your next utility bill!

Amazing job on my new roof. Drew and his crew are AWESOME! Best investment yet! Anyone in the Brazos Valley needing a roof, call southern builders!

-Glenda C.

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Why Choose PERMA-ROOF?

No More Leaky Roof

We use heavy, 29-gauge steel so water simply cannot penetrate your PERMA-ROOF. It’s stronger and more durable than any mobile home roof-repair job.   

Saves Money on Utilities by 20-40%

Our satisfied customers have reported a savings on their utility bills. We use a foil-backed polystyrene insulation to assist with that savings. PERMA-ROOF helps keep out the heat and the cold you don’t want, while locking in the warmth and cool you like.

Maintenance Free

No more getting up on the roof trying to fix it or paying for expensive repairs every few years. PERMA-ROOF is guaranteed for the life of your mobile home, because it’s far stronger than any traditional aluminum or rubber roofing systems.


Ultra Quiet

PERMA-ROOF’s strong metal roof system is not affected by the mightiest winds. With 800-1,000 pounds of steel roofing permanently secured to your mobile home, you can say goodbye to jarring roof-rumble.