Since 1983, Southern Builders has been transforming homes across 16 states. This success can be attributed to our skilled installers and dedication to quality. Contact Southern Builders today to find out how easy it is to increase the comfort, value and beauty of your home with a new PERMA-ROOF. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions about a new mobile home roof and provide any information you may need.


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Just a note to say we love our new roof! It improved the appearance of our home, took out that awful roof rumble. We can’t even hear the rain or wind. No more leaks! The crew was very professional, courteous and did a #1 job. Thank you so much. Our home is no longer hot inside. Our air conditioner comes on less frequently and stays on less than before. Our utility bill this month was $74.00. We’re actually looking forward to our next bill and expect it to be very reasonable. Everyone in our neighborhood really liked our new roof. Thanks. Walter & Sheral Johnson – Auxvasse, Missouri  
The first day our air conditioner did not go on as often. We have seen a 30% to 40% savings in our utility bills. The workers answered all our questions and everything was cleaned up and they took the trash with them. The house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have had many people stop by and tell us how nice the roof look. Vincent Smith – Rossburg, OH
Even with this tree on the roof it still does not leak. We have had 7 real heavy rains some snow and some hale – still no leaks. I cut the tree off about a month ago – still no leak. This is some roof. The estimator who came down said that the roof kept the tree from coming on down to the floor level – which saved my life as I was standing just beyond the windows. Mr. Edward Moumblow – Rodgersville, TN
Just a note to let you know how much we enjoy our new roofover. We noticed the first night the noise reduction from traffic and roof rumble and have the pleasure of lower heating bills. Carrol M. Grundy – Morgantown, KY  
We had a Roofover put on our old 12 x 60 hunting camp trailer house last year. It made a big difference in our heating bill last deer season and no more leaks! Joe Wiliams – Hot Springs, AR  
I am so happy with my new steel roof. Now my wife and I sleep through storms because there is no more roof rumble! I got up on the roof after the crew finished to inspect it. I was very impressed with the workmanship – it was perfect. Brent Skaggs – Jackson, TN  
We had our your company put a new metal roof on our trailer after we had storm damage. The crew was polite, skilled and very knowledgeable. The air and heat don’t run near as much and we can’t hear the rain anymore. My wife says getting a Permaroof – Roofover ws the second smartest decision I ever made. Marrying her was the first. Jim Dyress – Calhoun City, MS  
We just went through our first big storm after having our new steel roof installed. No roof leaks for the first time in 10 years. We wish we had done this years ago! Avery Powell – Caddo, OK  
We love our new metal roof! We are saving so much on our electric bill. We shopped around before choosing Permaroof and your company is the best choice. Tony Carpenter – Savannah, GA  
Our mobile home looks 100% better with our new steel roof. Since having my roof installed, we have gone through severe thunder storms, heavy rains and ice storms. Through it all, the roof has not failed – no leaks, no damage. K. Summerlin – Searcy, AR  


Since 1983, we have provided mobile home owners in 16 states with the best roofs using the best materials. We know our product and stand solidly behind every PERMA-ROOF we install. Because we believe so fully in PERMA-ROOF, and because we know how well it holds up against the elements, we’re able to offer you the strongest warranty in the industry. We guarantee your PERMA-ROOF against leaks caused by defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own your mobile home.